What makes partnerships effective tools for development

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September 2, 2015
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What makes partnerships effective tools for development

OECD Report Partnerships CoverThe OECD has just published its Development Co-operation Report 2015: Making Partnerships Effective Coalitions for Action. Looking at the global governance challenge raised by the Sustainable Development Goals, the report draws out ten success factors to ensure partnerships are well-designed and function optimally:

1 – Secure high-level leadership.

2 – Ensure partnerships are country-led and context-specific.

3 – Avoid duplication of effort and fragmentation.

4 – Make governance inclusive and transparent.

5 – Apply the right type of partnership model for the challenge.

6 – Agree on principles, targets, implementation plans and enforcement mechanisms.

7 – Clarify roles and responsibilities.

8 – Maintain a clear focus on results.

9 – Measure and monitor progress towards goals and targets.

10 – Mobilise the required financial resources and use them effectively.

These success factors are underpinned by the principles of accountability, knowledge-sharing and co-ordination, all of which are further detailed and illustrated in the report.

The project leader for this report is Hildegard Lingnau, who was also present as an expert at the Round Tables for the Renewal of the ACP-EU Project Agreement early 2015.

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