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September 22, 2015
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VJW International in winning consortium to provide services under FPI – Policy Support Facility – Lot 2

VJW International is part of a consortium led by EPRD which has been awarded Lot 2 of the framework contract FPI/PSF/2015, put into place for the purpose of the Policy Support Facility (PSF) under the Partnership Instrument (PI). This 2-year framework contract aims to support policy dialogues between the EU and partner countries in areas within the scope of “Europe 2020” and to facilitate economic and trade relations with partner countries. Short-term expertise under Lot 2 – Technical Assistance, Evaluation and Training will be required in sectors relevant to the strategic aims of the Partnership Instrument. Relevant sectors include but are not limited to:

Environment, Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Sustainable Water Management Judicial cooperation
 Raw Materials Migration and Mobility
 Energy Foreign Policy and Security
Climate Change Health and Consumer Safety
Smart, Sustainable and Green Growth Regional Development and Integration
Research, Development and Innovation Economic and Financial Affairs
Trade Transport
Industry and SMEs Governance, Human Rights and Democracy
Regulatory Cooperation and Standards Harmonisation Disaster Management
Employment and Social Policy Maritime Policy
Education and Training Culture and Creativity
Tourism Communication and visibility
Data collection and analysis  

A wide range of technical assistance, evaluation and training services will be provided under this framework contract such as:

  • Short to medium-term technical studies, such as feasibility studies, technical reports, baseline, benchmarking on issues relevant to the policy dialogues;
  • Study visits, exchange visits and exchange of experts including social partners;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, including evaluations of programmes and projects as well as of the instrument (meta, thematic, geographic);
  • Expertise to be contracted in relation to urgent issues and implementation problems relevant to EU policy;
  • Collection and analysis of statistics and data;
  • Logistical support for extended working sessions for dialogue partners (in and outside the EU);
  • External expertise relevant to policy dialogues (e.g., speakers, panellists, rapporteurs, facilitators or moderators at conferences or meetings, support for research);
  • Translation and interpretation services with respect to documentation relevant to EU policy and provided to facilitate the implementation of the above activities.
  • This Lot will support the deployment of the the Partnership Instrument which is first and foremost destined to promote collaboration with EU’s strategic partners in Asia-Pacific, the Americas and with Russia, Central Asia and the Gulf.

VJW International will be looking for specific expertise in the areas covered by this framework contract. Please look out for consulting openings on our Opportunities page or send us your CV now at

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