Country or Region: Uzbekistan

Sector: Joint Programming

Client: European Commission

Since 2007 the EU has been delivering development support to Uzbekistan through the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), starting with the 2007-2010 Multi-annual Indicative Programme (MIP) in amount of EUR 29 million and then 2011-2013 MIP with EUR 42 million. This project was planned as the EU Delegation faced the approaching end of MIP 2014-2020, which reserved EUR 168 million for a single focal sector – rural development. Committed funding targeted irrigation, livestock, horticulture, skills development, labour rights, private sector development and budget support for agriculture sector.

In view of the post-2020 programming, the EU Delegation and MS present in Uzbekistan are interested in introducing wide scale joint programming in Uzbekistan.
To this end, this project aims to:

  • Assist the EU Delegation, EU MS and Switzerland in developing and finalising a joint strategy, including a joint-result framework and a joint communication strategy, for the period of 2021-2027 and finalising any necessary preparatory steps for the process (such as donor mapping, or roadmap/timeline of actions).
  • Enhance the impact and visibility of European (European Commission, EU MS, and Switzerland) development cooperation in Uzbekistan in support of the maximum possible achievement of the SDGs and reforms introduced by the Uzbek Government.