Country or Region: Albania

Sector: Policy dialogue and Coordination

Client: European Commission

Date: November 2019 – November 2021

To improve the institutional mechanisms, capacities and procedures for strategic and integrated planning at central level and sector level, through the well-functioning of the Integrated Policy Management Groups mechanism.

The main beneficiary will be the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Albania, Department for Development and Good Governance, Directorate for Good Governance Systems, in its role as the central secretariat for the IPMGs. Other beneficiaries of the support are members of the central secretariat at MFE and MEFA and the staff of the Secretariats as well line Ministries in charge of IPMGs and Sector Steering Committees.

The team of experts will support the Government of Albania as follows:

  1. Support the effective functioning of IPMG institutional mechanism as a policy coordination tool (planning, implementation and monitoring/evaluation);
  2. Support the IPMG mechanism as an effective forum for policy dialogue and inclusive participation;
  3. Build the capacity of the IPMG/SSC secretariats in the line ministries and IPMGs Central Secretariat to improve the planning, implementation and monitoring of national sectors reforms.
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