Country or Region: Ethiopia

Sector: Joint Programming

Client: European Commission

The EU+, European Union, its Member States and Norway, have committed to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and visibility of their development assistance in Ethiopia by jointly working on the programming process. The main objective of the technical assistance was to facilitate the task of the EU Delegation in the re-launching the EU+ JP exercise in Ethiopia with the aim to: a) align EU+ cooperation to the Growth and Transformation Plan II and b) contribute to the aid effectiveness agenda.

The EU+ conducted the 1st phase of the JP in Ethiopia covering the period 2013-2015 and are interested to reiterate the process as a second phase in synchronization with the next cycle of the national development phase, which runs from 2016-2020.

The team of consultants helped the EU Delegation in Ethiopia during the 2nd phase of the exercise in order to draws lessons learnt in the previous phase and re-launch the JP cycle through (1) joint analysis of GTP II, (2) mapping of EU+ interventions in the country, (3) consultation with CSOs and other stakeholders in the JP process, (4) draft EU+ joint cooperation strategy paper and common result framework and (5) design a joint M&E mechanism.

The EU+ considers the JP process as an opportunity to enhance ownership and alignment to the Ethiopia’s policies. It also considers that the process can facilitate transparency and predictability by providing one single document covering the whole portfolio and financial allocations as well as simplification of the EU+ structure leading to a reduction in the transaction costs.