Country or Region: Worldwide

Sector: Strategy and Policy Advice

Client: European Commission

Date: 2018

This assignment aims to contribute to Strategic Objective of the Global Partnership’s Work Programme by implementing activities that aim to: 1) Improve Development Effectiveness in line with the GPEDC 2017-2018 Programme of Work1; 2) Improve understanding of financing for development at country level and; 3) Communicate the results to interested stakeholders.

The team of consultants will provide support to selected countries (including Cambodia, Laos PRD, El Salvador, Malawi and Kenya) to assist EU Delegations to advance the implementation of the effectiveness principles and to fulfil the commitments that each of these countries have undertaken as well as to unlock the potential of effectiveness commitments and financing for development to better link them to the SDG monitoring. This project is implemented by DAI in partnership with VJW International.