Study on EU and its Member States mobilizing Public Sector Expertise for Development

Country or Region: Home based

Sector: Public Sector Expertise

Client: DEVCO, European Commission

Date: January 2020 – June 2020

The global objective of this assignment is to perform Phase I, which consist of the mapping of the EU and its MS existing structures, tools and bilateral initiatives in providing PSE for development cooperation actions. This includes their capacity and needs’ assessment, in order to provide DEVCO with recommendations for a strategic programming and operational choices for the design of the EU development cooperation actions in the future.

The team of experts will:

  1. Conduct a mapping on PSE mobilisation by the EU and its MS. This shall present information about the EU and its MS bilateral PSE mobilisation initiatives and how these initiatives are operationalized. This will include information about operational structures, legislation and administrative procedures and modalities as well as examples of existing bilateral initiatives. The information has been collected through interviews with the MS officials (for example CODEV delegates and/or managers of any identified programme, for first-hand information on that programme); the PN and non-PN members; and any published sources and national documents considered relevant for the purpose of the mapping. This may include, interviews with the staff from DEVCO A2 – Development Financing and Effectiveness, Relations with Member States – and NEAR C3 – Institution Building, TAIEX, Twinning.

  1. Provide needs assessment with a set of strategic recommendations, including comparative analysis of the findings of the mapping.
  2. Suggest practical and effective ways in which PSE could contribute for strategic development actions in partner countries with tailor made approaches and based on partner countries national agendas and priorities and in complementarity with other development actions.

  3. Contribute to the identification of concrete priorities, actions, activities and specific requirements for administrative cooperation measures such as twinning between public institutions, local authorities, national public bodies or private law entities entrusted with public service tasks of a Member State and those of a partner country or region, as well as cooperation measures involving public sector experts dispatched from the Member States and their regional and local authorities; as well as triangular arrangements whereby the EU and its MS coordinates with third countries its assistance funding to a partner country or region.