Country or Region: Overseas Countries & Territories (OCTs) of the EU

Sector: Strategy & Public Policy

Client: Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA)

OCTA is an organisation which serves as a platform, helping the OCTs to realise their common goals by working collectively through cooperation, policy dialogue, promotion of common positions and partnerships for the sustainable development of OCTs.

OCTA provides a forum to develop effective working relationships with the EU and support the collective interests of its members in several cooperation areas of the EU-OCT association.

The objectives of this particular project were as follows:

  1. Assist OCTA in conducting an assessment of the organisation’s implementation of the current strategic plan 2015-2020 using the most relevant criteria (EU/OECD criteria).
  2. Assist OCTA in developing and preparation of the future strategy for years 2021-2027.

A summary of the completed strategy may be found here.

OCTA Members