Nevila Como

Development Effectiveness Expert

Nevila has 20 years of work experience including 13 years in aid effectiveness issues, coordination of donor policies and EU integration. She has extensive experience in aid effectiveness and coordination of donor policies, in managing external assistance and in developing improved procedures for coordination, establishment of programme based approaches, sector approaches and sector budget support, and increased transparency of external assistance in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Nevila has expert knowledge of various recent trends in development effectiveness, and international community’s commitments made at the High Level Forums on Aid Effectiveness in Paris (2005), Accra (2008), Busan (2011) and Mexico (2014) and Nairobi (2016), and active participation in them. She has participated in regional conferences and seminars on Aid Effectiveness and Donor Coordination in Montenegro (2006), Sarajevo (2006 & 2010), Tanzania (2008), Jordan (2010), Seoul (2013), Brussels (2016), etc. and has extensive experience with data collection and analysis. Among others, she has designed, supervised, monitored and prepared relevant quantitative and qualitative analysis for the periodic surveys carried out by OECD/DAC on Monitoring the Indicators of Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness in 2006, 2008 and 2010 as well as the 2013 Monitoring of Busan Partnership.