Dr. Christian Morabito

International consultant on Inequality and social policies

Educated in social welfare policies and development, Dr. Christian Morabito is an international researcher and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the field of inequalities, social policies, early childhood education, development cooperation, policy-oriented research, advisory support and policy making. During the course of his professional path, he worked with the United Nations (UNDP and UNESCO) and the World Bank in managing poverty reduction and educational programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa. One of his recent commitments was as lead researcher for the international NGO Save the Children on developing indicators to measure multidimensional child poverty and educational poverty and inequality in Italy and Europe.
Dr. Morabito’s main areas of specialization are: inequalities, in particular social inequalities, intergenerational transmission of disadvantage and policy responses particularly in childhood, development aid, research, programme and project design, identification and formulation, management, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation, having acquired 10 years of expertise in these fields. Christian has more than 5 years of experience in working in developing countries, during which he also acquire knowledge of EU development policies and instruments. He is recently terminated a Ph.D program in equality of opportunity and human development at the Department of Social Work and Social Welfare, Ghent University. His solid academic background have fostered his research and analytical skills, capacity to collect, asses and draft technical reports in fluent English and French.