Ayaka Ishihara

Aid Coordination Expert

Ayaka Ishihara has experience in aid coordination, project management, joint programming, scoping joint programmes for development partners and facilitating development partners meetings and information sharing. She has an in-depth understanding of the global and country specific development effectiveness. She is experienced in working with development effectiveness mechanisms.

Throughout her career she has played key roles in organizations, liaising with governments,
bi-lateral and multi-lateral ​development partners, civil society organizations and the private sector to enhance effective development cooperation. She has rich knowledge of development coordination mechanisms and trend such as Sector Working Groups and Busan Partnership Agreement.

She is skilled at conducting research and analysis on development cooperation policy and has experience of reporting, providing briefings and making policy suggestion to all levels of government. She has extensive experience in arranging and facilitating workshops attended by governments officials and civil society organizations, as well as at facilitating dialogue with a variety of stakeholders.