Country or Region: Worldwide

Sector: Strategy and Policy Analysis

Client: European Commission and EEAS

The general objective was to support DEVCO’s task force in preparing and drafting the evaluation, the impact assessment as well as the recommendation on the future of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA) after 2020. The specific objectives to which the team of consultants contributed were to: 1) Analyse the contributions and draw conclusions from the internal (Delegations) and the external (JCP) consultations, which should feed into the evaluation and impact assessment; 2) Provide draft textual input for the evaluation, the impact assessment.

The team of consultants helped DEVCO’s task force with:

  • An analysis of the internal (EUD) and external (Public Consultation) on the future of the post-Cotonou;
  • Produce evidence to feed into the evaluation of the CPA and the impact assessment of the plausible scenarios after 2020;
  • Support the EC post-2020 task force in drafting the evaluation and the impact assessment documents as well as a possible recommendation.
  • Daily support in drafting the evaluation of the CPA based on the results of the public consultations and the meta-evaluation of all evaluations produced from 2000 to date on the effectiveness, sustainability, impact, efficiency, relevance, coherence, and EU added value of the CPA;
  • Daily support in drafting the impact assessment “memo”;
  • Support in preparing recommendations for the future steps on post-Cotonou.