Title of project: Preparation of the Action Document of AAP 2023 for the priority Economic Governance

Country or Region: Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Sector: Economic Governance Area

Client: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Date: May-June 2023

Background and context: The Republic of Guinea-Bissau faces challenges related to transnational organized crime, weak rule of law, socio-economic vulnerability, and climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated these challenges, impacting the economy and fiscal situation. Political fragmentation and postponed legislative elections add to the complexity of the situation.

Project objectives:  The proposal aims to enhance economic governance in Guinea-Bissau, contributing to the implementation of the Annual Action Plan 2023 and the Multiannual Indicative Program 2021-2027. It seeks to improve the effectiveness, accountability, and transparency of public financial management.

Specific Objectives:

1. Improve public financial management systems, procedures, and capacities:

  • Develop the Public Finance Management (PFM) strategy.
  • Strengthen expenditure programming and budgeting systems and processes.
  • Enhance systems for expenditure execution, procurement, and internal control through capacity building and technical assistance.

2. Strengthen participation, transparency, and oversight in financial governance and the fight against corruption:

  • Increase public access to information on public finances.
  • Strengthen oversight by Parliament, the Court of Auditors, and civil society.
  • Enhance efforts in the fight against corruption.

This proposal aligns with the cross-cutting objectives of the European Commission, including environment and climate change, rights-based approach, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and gender equality.