Our core team and associate consultants work with a global network of external experts spanning across Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South-America and other regions to provide specialised expertise to our clients. Browse the profiles of our experts below to read more about their experience.


Veronica White - Managing Director

Veronica White is the founder of VJW International. She is an international development consultant with over 20 years’ experience in development cooperation and has worked with various organisations (read more)

Luc Verscoore - Senior Advisor

Luc Verscoore has close to 40 years of professional experience in business and consulting, including over 20 years in management positions both project team management and business management. (read more)

Carlos Illan - Deputy-Director

Carlos Illán is an international development expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field of development cooperation combining a strong experience in policy-oriented research and policy making on EU development policy.(read more)

Fabio Scarpello - Head of Governance, Inequality and Peacebuilding

Fabio Scarpello is a political scientist with over 15 years’ experience in research-based analysis of the security-development nexus. (read more)


Nevila Como - Aid Effectiveness Expert

Nevila has 20 years of work experience including 13 years in aid effectiveness issues, coordination of donor policies and EU integration. She has extensive experience with data analysis and has participated in many research projects related to development and external development assistance issues.(read more)

Christian Morabito - International consultant on Inequality and social policies

Educated in social welfare policies and development, Dr. Christian Morabito is an international researcher and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the field of inequalities, social policies, early childhood education, development cooperation, policy-oriented research, advisory support and policy making. (read more)

Antonin Braho - Macroeconomist and PFM expert

Antonin BRAHO is a Macroeconomist and PFM expert with more than 12 years of experience. Antonin has a significant experience first as official in Tax authorities and Ministries of Finances where he has been involved in various advisory role as Macroeconomist and Statistician and then as PFM Specialist.(read more)

Céline Hyon-Naudin - CSR and Private Sector Expert

Céline has a 12 years background in private sector development and specialised in CSR, innovative business models and impact investing. She has worked for the public and private sector, in Europe, Africa and Asia.(read more)

François Souyri - Online Collaboration Specialist

François is an active advisor on Information Architecture, Online Collaboration and Workflow Optimisation through technology for nearly 20 years. (read more)